Hello new friend:

I am not 100% which direction this will go, but I’m hanging on for the ride. It’s like when you ride on Space Mountain and you’re in the dark. You can kind of see where the lights fail to hide the scaffolding, but you’re still not totally sure which direction you will shoot in next.

I feel like that’s a good analogy for how my university career has gone so far. I’m in my 5th? year of uni – finally going to graduate this year with a Multidisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree. Hopefully I’ll be accepted to the Bachelor of Social Work program for the next year (cross your fingers with me!). I’ve had a rough academic ride so far, but I think it’s starting to smooth itself out.

I was diagnosed last year with panic disorder, social anxiety and mild OCD. It affects everything that happens to me, but I’m working on making it so it doesn’t control me. One day, anxiety and I will be friends and work together instead of constantly at war, trying to destroy each other. I can only hope that this will be a step forward in that journey.




One thought on “About

  1. My dead sweet Erinpoo!

    You are amazing, like for real! Your words are inspirational and I 100% believe that you are reaching many people on many levels! You’ve always been a fantastic writer; your personal jounrey sounds rough, but your ability to share your experiences is truly a show of strength. If I know one thing about you, that you may not see yourself sometime, it is that you are beautiful, wise and the most sincere person I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. Dont ever be afraid of saying what needs to be said, doing what needs to be done and watching the shit out of netflix all day! Because your not alone, you’re never alone.

    Always here for you!

    Love always

    P.S. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do? we swim!! La la la la laaaaa ;D

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